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Causes of fatty liver.

The cause of fatty liver is when the body accumulates too much fat. Or abnormalities related to the fat burning system that results from drinking alcohol insulin resistance or abnormalities of enzymes and receptors in the body. Until there is excess fat accumulated in the liver cells. Becoming a fatty liver

What are the health benefits of choline?

Choline has many health benefits. Especially the work of the nervous system,  brain, and muscles by helping create acetylcholine. (Acetylcholine), which is a type of neurotransmitter that helps with brain function that plays a role in learning, memory, perception, and muscle movement. heartbeat and sleep Choline is also important for the development

Snacks menus for pregnant women.

Mothers who are looking for snacks for pregnant women. You may try using the following menu as an idea for eating snacks during pregnancy.  Apple During pregnancy the body is undergoing many changes. One problem that many mothers often encounter is constipation. UFABET One way to help relieve this

Mango And Its Good Health Benefits.

Mango is a type of fruit that has good taste. Both raw and cooked fruits can be eaten gives high energy. They are an important dietary source of potassium, dietary fiber and vitamins. Many people believe that mangoes may have anti-diabetic, cancer, inflammation, infection and anti-oxidant properties. Mangoes