Sporting Lisbon refuses to negotiate the release clause of the star’s contract.

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Sporting Lisbon are prepared to receive several offers this summer for Victor Ljokeres, Gonzalo Inacio, Ousmane Diomande football.

Football Transfers reports that Sporting Lisbon will not be able to block the transfers of stars Ljokeres, Inacio and Diomande because they all have their release clauses in their contracts. Conditions And the famous Portuguese club will not accept any negotiations.UFABET 

Ljokeres, Inacio and Diomande are all being targeted by clubs across Europe. And everyone involved is the Premier League clubs, whether it be Chelsea, Manchester United, Liverpool. As well as Newcastle United.

According to the information, Ljockeres has a release clause of 100 million euros. Inacio has a release clause of 60 million euros and Diomande has a release clause of 80 million euros. Offers from many clubs are expected to be lower than that. But Sporting are in a strong position financially. And without any pressure must accept the bargain

Sporting are now inching closer to winning the Primera Liga title, trailing Benfica by seven points with the final five games of the season remaining. While Ljokeres is the league’s leading scorer. He has also scored 22 goals.

Recently, Liverpool has a new target that they are seriously considering: Ugarte. “Record”, a leading media outlet in Portugal. Reports that “The Reds” are interested in the 22-year-old Uruguayan national team player, who has a release clause. 52.2 million pounds a lot.