“Ronaldo” began to accept physical condition, unable to force the Premier League

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The ufabet , a tabloid, has revealed that Manchester United winger Cristiano Ronaldo is contemplating leaving the club in the summer. Because looking at his condition, his body might be too wrinkled.

Portuguese soccer star Never publicly admitted that the demand for football in the English top-flight was too much for him. Despite his superb fitness compared to the 37-year-old

, Ronaldo may consider reducing his plans at Old Trafford from the two years he signed from Juventus.

Ronaldo has failed to score in all 5 games he has played this year . 

Meanwhile, the Portuguese star Still not very impressed with the changes at the club both on and off the pitch.

The veteran striker has not scored in five appearances. This year and was kept on the bench for most of Tuesday’s 1-1 draw at Burnley.

Twiddling his thumbs at Turf Moor was not what Ronaldo had in mind when he agreed to come back to United after 12 years away.

And the three-time Premier League winner has been far from impressed by how the club has changed on and off the field.

United’s strength right now Much inferior to the era of Sir Alex Ferguson. which he felt This is the main factor contributing to his unpredictable form

. Ronaldo admits he has to work harder than ever to keep himself physically ready for top-level action. Especially when faced with the playing system of Ralph Rangnick, who likes the players to squeeze the ball hard in the front.