Revealed that if the ‘Manchester United’ smashed the stadium.

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According to the ufabet , if Manchester United chooses to smash and rebuild Old Trafford it could cost as much as £1.5 billion

. Their plans to build a new stadium by demolishing the old will make Old Trafford the most valuable stadium in the country.

Advisers estimate the new 80,000-capacity Manchester United stadium will be worth more than the £1.1bn Tottenham Hotspur stadium

costs. Important objects have risen a lot since Spurs finished building their stadium. In addition, the conflict in Ukraine has created uncertainty and has increased the prices of construction projects. It is

believed that the “Red Devils” may raise money to pay for construction through borrowing and debt.

Smashing and rebuilding it was one of three options Manchester United.

The second option was to extend the Sir Bobby Charlton Amphitheater across the railroad tracks behind it. That will be valued at £400m. And bring their capacity past 80,000

. The final option is to leave the stadium structure intact. But to improve the audience area and usable areas on all 4 sides of the stadium

, expenses for the project have been submitted to the people of Manchester United for consideration. But so far no offer has been approved.

The club is also in talks with several project applicants to consider implementation and is open to alternatives.

Stand expansion is an option. Glazer family Paying the most attention is the most likely option. It is also an option that most football fans accept.

Before Manchester United approves the renovation of the stadium.

They previously wanted to gradually build a new Old Trafford to replace the old one and, if possible, did not want to affect the number of seats on the pitch during construction.

Even with modernization efforts over the years. The club’s people admit that the stadium in its current.

Currently, home-house facilities for teams like Liverpool, Manchester City, Tottenham Hotspur and Arsenal are superior to them.

Former Manchester United defender Gary Neville believes rebuilding the stadium would be a better option than improving Old Trafford.