Jay Brady asks to clear the hammer, condemn Zuma for kicking a cat

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West Ham United vice-president Darren Brady has made it clear that the club Disagree with the actions of Kurt Zouma, the defender of the perfume. who caused a scandal kicked his own cat before posting on ufabet social media

The perfume blood quarterback is a big issue this week. After a clip came out of him kicking his cat and slapping it hard. This could lead to Zuma being punished by the Anti-Violence Organization. After two weeks of fines of around £250,000

, Moyes and West Ham were criticized for sending Zouma to the match against Watford on Tuesday night. Still, the Scotland coach says the players will also be available for this weekend’s clash with Leicester City.

Zouma has had to deal with heavy fallout as a result with the club fining him, the RSPCA seizing his pets and the police also contemplating investigations.

West Ham boss David Moyes copped heavy criticism for selecting the Frenchman during the midweek win over Watford.

,Brady wrote in his column: “I want to be clear, there is no protection against Kurt’s actions. Zuma all.”

“I, like everyone else who watched the video circulating this week was shocked by what he saw.”

“Kurt’s behavior It in no way reflects the standards and values ​​we uphold at West Ham United, of course, including being a pet-loving nation

. We honestly condemn his actions. and there is no way to forgive any form of animal abuse