How to play government lottery

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How to play government lottery

How to play Government lottery. Government lottery or underground lottery is a bet based on the numbers. Of the results of the government lottery prizes in various prizes. It is well known for lottery fans. But nowadays technology is more developed, everyone can 

Bet online lottery anywhere, online lottery website happened a lot Easy to access. Easy to buy, for people who have never played much lottery before. can learn how to bet on lottery easily through various websites

like this article Therefore, for a better understanding of government lottery betting Therefore, we would like to present the details of lottery betting step by step as follows. Prize Types of Government Lottery 

Government lottery or lotteries have a shape that we are familiar with as in the picture below. Where the lottery has determined the prize of the Lottery is divided into 1st prize, 6,000,000 baht per prize.

2nd prize, 200,000 baht per prize, 3rd prize, 80,000 baht per prize, 4th prize, 40,000 baht per prize, 5th prize, 20,000 baht per prize, side prize 100,000 baht per prize, 3 front number prizes 4,000 baht per prize, the last 3 digits of the prize.

Rules of play How to bet on the lottery that you should know Buy lottery tickets online via mobile phone.

How to play lottery , learn how to play lottery online, different types of lottery. Online lottery, simple style, 900 baht per baht, rules for playing , betting on numbers, drawing results The rate of payout of each type of lottery Terms and Conditions lottery betting formula 

General knowledge that lottery players should know สมัคร ufabet