Get to know Vampire ‘ s Charm

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 “Countess Dracula a beautiful vampire‘s Live in a luxurious mansion She likes to disguise herself as a human during the day. and return as a vampire at night The vampire Dracula used to use her beauty. because he seduced the men and took them to the manor to suck their blood. The man who fell in love with her beauty will give you all that you want She also used her magic skills. to change the blood of men to be a precious diamond as well which those precious diamonds will have a variety of properties whether to help maintain the appearance Helps to make you more youthful Of course, hunters from all corners of the world hunted her in order to take over those treasures. But no one has succeeded at all. Therefore, this slot game will take you to hunt this beautiful vampire.”

          Vampires Charm online slot game This is a 5 reel 3 row video game. You can win many prizes. RTP value is 96.75%, maximum payout rate is X20,000 times the stake. The game has various symbols and special symbols for you to win regularly. Of course, there will be free spins for you. And big jackpot bonus prizes such as Mega win , Super win and Super mega win are included, but before you go into betting and try your luck on the game in the real field. You should give this game a try first. Or should you study about the payout rate, the information of the game to understand thoroughly before สมัคร ufabet.