Free Roulette Formula (Play well, play well, half won)

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Usually, roulette doesn’t have a fixed formula like playing in other online casinos. Because this game is a game that really relies on luck. Can’t predict anything But there are still some formulas or techniques that can be applied together. which we have put together here. ทางเข้า UFABET

1. Dragon Formula

It’s not just baccarat with dragons. Sometimes we can find dragons in roulette too. but must only play in color, even, odd or high and low only Let’s see that If either side wins consecutively can follow the water but further suggested that Should be played with the same amount of money for every game. In order not to lose a lot if the other side comes back to win some And most importantly, stabbing the garden is not recommended. Because sometimes we may encounter dragons that are longer than 15 games, sometimes up to 20 games. Until then, it may be possible that our funds will be exhausted.

2. Table Tennis Formula

There’s a dragon and there’s a ping-pong. Take a good look Whether the numbers that come out are colored or have odd even positions that alternate more than 5 games or not, if so, do not forget to bet alternately. until one of the colors is duplicated This formula is another formula that works as well as the dragon at all.

3. Formula number 0

It might not be called a formula, but the number 0 is usually the only number that is most common. in online roulette games and when this number is issued No matter what you bet, you will almost certainly lose to the dealer. Therefore, if you see that the number 0 is long gone Put some drops with the minimum amount possible, at least 10 baht, if you win, you can get back 350 baht.

4. The formula for self-control

This formula is the most important. And it tells you how much money you’ll get back. How to use this formula, just set a limit of money to play each day. If playing profit or loss according to the numbers already set Must stop and stop playing on that day immediately. Do not continue playing, for example, if you can do this every day. I can assure you that you will definitely have a substantial retained earnings.