Snacks menus for pregnant women.

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Mothers who are looking for snacks for pregnant women. You may try using the following menu as an idea for eating snacks during pregnancy. 


During pregnancy the body is undergoing many changes. One problem that many mothers often encounter is constipation. UFABET

One way to help relieve this symptom is to eat foods or fruits and vegetables that are high in fiber.  This is because dietary fiber helps to make your stool soft and easier to pass out. An example of a fruit in this group that is easily available to eat is an apple. One medium sized apple provides about 4 grams of dietary fiber and only about 95 kilocalories of energy.


Yogurt is a source of two nutrients that are beneficial to the baby in the womb: calcium and protein. In about 100 grams of natural yogurt, the amount of calcium will be approximately 127 milligrams, while protein will be approximately 3- 4 grams. However, the amount of calcium and protein may vary according to the formula and brand of yogurt.

Calcium helps strengthen bones, teeth, heart, muscles, and nerves. Protein is an important part of the body’s growth process, cells, and blood production. 

However, if possible, mothers should choose low-sugar yogurt to control calories in an appropriate amount.


Edamame It is considered a plant that provides protein, dietary fiber, antioxidants, vitamin K and nutrients important for pregnancy such as folic acid. 100 grams of edamame will provide 311 micrograms of folic acid.

Folic acid is a nutrient that every mother should get to know and consume. Because it is important to the baby’s growth and development process. It also reduces the risk of abnormalities in the neural tube that does not close (Neural Tube Defect), which is an abnormal condition of the brain and spinal cord in infants. The recommended dosage is approximately 490–550 micrograms/day.