‘Coutinho’ misses the Premier League – ‘Gerrard’, important person,

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Aston Villa playmaker Philippe Coutinho has admitted he misses the atmosphere of his Premier League career and manager Steven Gerrard played a big part in his decision to join the club

. Baba moved from Barcelona to join the Lion King on loan until the end of the season. with the option to move permanently He has been absent from the Premier League for more than four years after leaving Liverpool

after moving to “Aliens” in 2018. Coutie’s career has not been as bright, but now he’s back in form. Well again during his playing career at Villa Park,

Coutinho said: “I really like it here. I miss the Premier League and the people here. They treat me very well. i really miss It’s good to be back.”

“The competition here is intense. i like this game I have to adjust again I try my best to practice. keep getting better in terms of concentration I think this is the difference I like.”

“In Spain, the competition is different. at barcelona Usually you have time to play football. more control ball Here’s what’s different I don’t want to live in the past I’m here with a great club. I want to do my best and enjoy my football

. because the atmosphere in the stadium is really intense.”

“When I meet people on the streets, They are so kind, respectful, I miss this a lot. But the weather is something I don’t think about. it’s quite cold But for football here, the club and the people are really great.”

Gerrard and Coutinho They spent more than five years at Anfield together and were close to winning the Premier League in the 2013-2014 season

. “We talked a lot before I arrived. he talks about the club ambitions, fans, his own ambitions Of course this is what I wanted.” ufabet report

“I decided quickly. Now I’m here I’m very happy at the moment

. is trying to make us do our best We have good strength. We have good players. We know that we can rank better than we are now. This is what we are working on. His ambition is to move up the ranks, day by day, in each game.”

“We want to be number one. For now, we know that’s quite a distance. But our need is to try to do the best we can.”

“It’s always nice when you have someone who believes in you, of course I believe in myself. I work hard every day I want to do my best to repay my confidence on the pitch.”